Event Benefits


We will provide your special event with as many self-contained mobile ATMs as needed in order to properly cover the event. We will also position ATM technicians' on-site during the special event to monitor and to ensure that each and every mobile ATM is operational and stocked with cash at all times.

All mobile ATMs come fully equipped with lighted signage, state of the art security features, and wireless communications to ensure maintenance-free service to your event, 24 hours a day. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of uninterrupted ATM service during your special event.

Why do I need an ATM at my event?

  • Complete Turn-Key approach to ATM machines at Special Events

  • Worldwide ATM will supply you mobile ATMs for your special event without any operational responsibility on your part.

  • We handle every aspect of the process, from set up to breakdown.

  • Over 72% of money dispensed from the ATM is spent at the event.

  • Vendors’ sales will increase, and those who do not accept credit card will have the ability to sell more product.

  • There is no cost to the event, the only requirement is that power is provided near the machines.

  • Worldwide ATM provides all operational responsibility.

  • We set up the ATM’s, stock them with cash, and monitor them throughout the event.

  • Wireless ATM’s can be put virtually anywhere at an event. We are not limited to the location of a phone line.

  • We will make the ATM available in the most useful locations.


Worldwide ATM tracks the progress of the event, so we know when a machine has an error, get’s low on cash, or has any other problem. This allows us to have the ATM’s running throughout the entire event


Rundash Cash will help make your event more successful and boost the amount of money taken in by giving attendees access to more cash than they have in their pocket, an important tool to increase sales. At the same time, we will provide an additional revenue stream to you through profit sharing! Rundash Cash has provided money machine service to hundreds of events across Illinois and beyond since 2006. We have the experience and expertise to provide unparalleled mobile service to any event, and we have the ability to provide service at locations not connected to the grid – where only our solar and/or battery powered ATMs can do the job. We maintain a warehouse full of state-of-the-art ATMs and supplies, and we are agile and able to provide service on short notice or at the last minute. Surcharge fees are wallet friendly and below the national average. Our profit sharing schedule is handsome and competitive. Please call, text, or email for more information.

Requirements from the Event:

• Secured location with high visibility
• Electricity (In some cases battery powered)
• Fill out Discovery Form for $ Analysis and logistics


What Rundash provides Events:

• ATMs delivery on time
• Positioning of the ATM in “high cash” areas
• Real time mobile monitoring to achieve 100% up-time.
• Ensure the right amount of cash is provided
• Profit Sharing is implemented based upon the number of transactions and is a percentage of surcharge revenue
• Online real-time transaction stats available for you, and provides insight to business operations
• ATM Signage to ensure high visibility to the ATMs location at your event.