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Looking for an ATM solution for your cannabis dispensary? Rundash Cash has got you covered. We understand that the constantly changing marijuana banking laws make having an ATM crucial. That's why we offer reliable options to ensure cash availability for your dispensary customers. We work with you to tailor the best ATM solution for your business, providing both a full-service dispensary option and a purchase option.

Our full-service option includes brand new, state-of-the-art ATMs, cash provision, 24/7 monitoring, maintenance at no extra cost, and profit sharing. The purchase option is a low-cost solution that offers installation and programming, surcharge customization, and full monitoring access, allowing you to keep all the ATM profits.

As credit and debit cards are not reliable payment options for marijuana dispensaries, having an ATM is essential. With Rundash Cash, you can have an ATM on site to provide customers with cash for their purchases. We offer ATM solutions for dispensaries in all 50 states and can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Genmega ATM
Hyosung ATM

ATM processing is different from credit card processing, making legal concerns non-existent. Customers withdraw cash from their bank accounts, and the dispensary has nothing to do with the transaction. We provide all major ATM manufacturers and can help you choose the best type and capacity for your dispensary.

Rundash Cash is a nationwide provider of ATMs, with our full-service option available in all legal recreational and legal stataes. Our purchase option is available in all 50 states. Contact us at 833-786-3274 to learn more about the best option for your cannabis dispensary.


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