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Mobile ATMs present an excellent opportunity to generate passive income during special events. With the potential for hundreds or thousands of attendees gathering in one place, the convenience of portable ATMs can encourage increased spending, benefiting both the event-goers and the organizers. For a seamless experience, consider partnering with Rundash Cash ATMs, a reliable provider offering turnkey solutions for event ATMs. This collaboration can elevate your event, ensuring that attendees have easy access to cash while you enjoy the financial rewards.

Benefits of ATM Placement for Festivals and Events

Placing ATMs for special events such as county fairs, music festivals, and trade shows can significantly boost the profits of event organizers. These ATMs are especially beneficial for all-day events like air shows, concerts, and sporting events. They cater to the diverse needs of attendees and exhibitors, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here's what you can expect by incorporating mobile ATMs at your next big event:

1. Increased Spending: Cash withdrawn from event ATMs is often reinvested directly at the venue, leading to a substantial increase in on-site spending.

2. Enhanced Attendee Retention: By providing convenient access to cash, mobile ATMs encourage attendees to stay on the premises. Eliminating the need to leave the event to access cash prevents attendees from potentially opting out of returning.

3. Vendor Satisfaction: Many vendors at festivals and major events exclusively accept cash. By facilitating on-site cash withdrawals, mobile ATMs keep vendors satisfied and more likely to participate in future events.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: Attendees in need of cash appreciate the convenience of readily accessible ATMs, leading to heightened satisfaction levels. This positive experience increases the likelihood of repeat attendance and favorable reviews.

5. Surcharge Revenue: Each withdrawal from the mobile ATM earns you surcharge revenue, providing an additional source of income for event organizers. This revenue stream adds to the overall profitability of hosting the event.

ATMs for Outdoor Events

Integrating mobile ATMs into large outdoor events can prove to be a practical solution, particularly where easy access to cash is restricted. At such events, retaining attendees on the premises is pivotal for maximizing profitability. If a patron exhausts their cash reserves, the prospect of leaving the event site and possibly not returning could be a deterrent. Placing ATMs strategically ensures that attendees can conveniently access additional funds whenever necessary, thereby fostering a more seamless and enjoyable event experience.

How ATM Event Placement works

Rundash Cash ATMs offers a hassle-free ATM Placement Program tailored for festivals and events. Here's how the program streamlines the process:

1. **Free Equipment Provision:** We provide all the necessary ATM equipment at no cost, eliminating any upfront expenses for you.

2. **Efficient Installation:** Our team handles the strategic placement of the ATMs throughout the venue, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility for attendees. We also take care of installing appropriate signage for easy identification.

3. **Comprehensive Management:** Rundash Cash ATMs oversees all aspects of ATM management, including restocking the machines with cash, ensuring a seamless experience for event-goers.

4. **Flexible Connectivity:** We offer options for connectivity, including the use of phone lines or machines equipped to handle ATM processing through Wi-Fi, ensuring operational flexibility based on your event's requirements.

5. **Revenue Sharing:** You earn a percentage of the surcharge revenue from every ATM transaction, providing an additional stream of income for your event. This revenue-sharing model allows you to benefit financially without incurring any significant costs, except for the power required to operate the ATMs.


By leveraging our ATM Event Placement Program, you can effortlessly provide attendees with easy access to cash while enjoying a hassle-free process that contributes to the success of your event.


What types of ATMs work best at large and/or outdoor events?

Mobile ATMs are a perfect way to generate additional passive income for your next special event. Festivals and other large events are ideal for ATM services because hundreds and thousands of people are gathered in one place. Those attendees are prepared to spend extra money to have a great time, and when you make it easier for them with portable ATMs, you also reap some of the rewards. Rundash Cash ATMs can provide turnkey placement of reliable event ATMs to help make your next event a stunning success.


What if the ATM requires maintenance or repairs during the event?

Through our ATM Event Placement Program, maintenance and repairs are not an issue for you. We handle that aspect for you free of charge. If a machine stops functioning or runs out of cash (as often happens at high-traffic events), our team will be available to fix the problem.

Are there ATM Rental programs or can I rent an ATM?

Yes,  we do offer ATM rentals, either via or ATM Event Placement Program or full rental.  We provide the machine and you provide the cash to fill the Event ATM.  Contact us at 1-833-RUN-DASH to find out more about our ATM Rental Program.

How can I venture into the ATM business myself?

Once you see how easy it is to make money from ATMs at your event, you may want to consider starting an ATM business of your own. Rundash Cash ATMs has trained hundreds of ATM operators all over the United States based on our extensive experience in the ATM industry. This covers everything you need to know to initiate and manage your own ATM business. For more information about this course, please visit our website.


Whether you expect 100 people or 100,000 people, no event is too large or too small for an ATM. We have mobile ATM solutions that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. With over 10 years of experience servicing festivals, we know how to provide the ATM you need with the best possible customer service. Contact Rundash Cash ATMs today to get started.


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