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Upcoming PCI TR 31 EPP Compliance Mandates

In 2019, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council introduced fresh obligatory security prerequisites concerning ATMs and processors. These compulsory standards affect both the processor and the hardware of ATMs, notably the Electronic Pin Pad (EPP), which serves as the interface for cardholders to input their PIN numbers. The PCI had initially strategized a gradual rollout of updates to establish a more secure approach for transmitting encryption keys from an ATM's host processor to the ATM itself. Nonetheless, the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic led to a postponement of the compliance deadline dates. The following schedule outlines the revised deadlines.

PCI EPP Compliance Dates

  • December 31, 2022: Replace ATMs and upgrade EPP for ATMs with PCI PTS v1 or older (v1 EPPs are Less secure technology)

  • January 01, 2025: EPP hardware, firmware and software must utilize TR31 Phase 3 “Key Blocks”

Are your ATMs Compliant?

Chances are slim. Firstly, every ATM will need software updates at the least, as the manufacturers and processors validate the software. Any ATM produced before March 2021 will probably necessitate an Electronic Pin Pad (EPP) enhancement. The upgrade process will vary for each ATM, but it's highly probable that a technician will have to physically attend to each ATM, load new software, potentially install a new EPP and its associated components, and reprogram the ATM to conform to the updated protocol.

Next Steps

This upgrade is mandatory. Simply put, failure to upgrade your ATMs for this mandate will mean that after January 2025 – your ATMs will not process transactions.

Given the extensive scale of this mandate (essentially encompassing every ATM nationwide needing, at a minimum, a software update), we strongly advise against any delay. Please upgrade your ATMs at your earliest convenience. PCI has already postponed their deadline once due to the impact of Covid-19. Looking at historical trends, early upgrades have generally proven to be the most cost-effective option. Waiting until the last moment might lead to missing the deadline and facing operational shutdown, or incurring higher expenses for the upgrade due to potential manufacturer price hikes as the deadline approaches.

What can you do to prepare?

Reach out to your ISO to identify which machines require software updates, which need both software and keyboard upgrades, and which demand complete machine replacements. For larger Independent ATM Deployers (IADs), despite the potentially daunting initial cost, it's typically more cost-effective to take action early. If financially feasible, we strongly recommend initiating the upgrade process as soon as possible. Begin preparing by considering surcharge adjustments and setting aside funds. You have several months to prepare, so it's crucial not to procrastinate until the last minute. We offer financing options for sizable operators processing transactions with us.

If you are in the early stages of setting up and are contemplating purchasing a used machine, conduct thorough research. Ensure you understand the potential costs associated with upgrading it, or confirm whether an upgrade is even feasible for that particular model. In the upcoming months, there will likely be a significant influx of used equipment as people dispose of outdated hardware. My estimation is that most of these machines may not be upgradable. Spending a few hundred dollars to utilize a machine for only a short duration might not be the most prudent business decision, in my opinion.

How to upgrade your EPP (ATM Keypads)?

If you have an older ATM, we can still offer you some newer compliant ATM options.  Please call us at 1-833-786-3274.

Its also possible that your current ATM can be upgraded to become PCI TR-31 Compliant.  Please review this EPP Upgrade document to confirm compatibility.  If your ATM needs a Hyosung EPP PCI Upgrade Kit or a Genmega EPP PCI Upgrade Kit visit our store or call for options.

As always feel free to contact us by phone at 1-833-786-3274 or email us at

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