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Gas stations, in addition to banks and convenience stores, are among the top choices for ATM placements. If your establishment doesn't already feature an ATM, you might be overlooking opportunities for profit growth, revenue enhancement, and the attraction of a larger customer base. Rundash Cash ATMs offers various solutions for gas station proprietors looking to offer ATM services on their premises.

Advantages of Gas Station ATMs

Every driver, whether they commute short distances daily or embark on long journeys, eventually visits a gas station. These stops are not only for refueling but also for stretching, grabbing a quick snack, or seeking directions. Placing an ATM at your gas station provides an extra incentive for customers to visit and patronize your establishment. With the convenience of using ATM, credit, or debit cards, they can access cash for in-store purchases or take it along on their travels.

Research indicates that customers who withdraw cash from an ATM are significantly more likely, up to 50%, to spend money within the location where the ATM is situated. This has the potential to double your profits, in addition to the surcharge revenue generated by the ATM itself.

Genemga ATM
Hyosung ATM

Options for Adding an ATM to Your Gas Station

Option 1: Buy a New ATM

ATMs are surprisingly affordable. For approximately $2,500, you can own an ATM outright and retain 100% of the surcharge revenue from it. We provide free ATM processing, programming, and training for owners, plus 24/7 technical support and real-time monitoring and reporting.

Option 2: Gas Station ATM Placement Program

At Rundash Cash ATMs, we offer a turnkey ATM placement program that allows you to place an ATM in your business at no cost to you. We provide free ATM placement and installation, and we handle the maintenance and cash supply. You earn a percentage of the revenue from each transaction, and we deposit that money into an account for you daily or monthly.

Option 3: ATM Partnership Program

Our ATM Partnership Program requires a little more involvement on your part than the ATM Placement Program, but you keep a larger percentage of the revenue in return. If you take part in this program, you maintain the machine’s cash levels while keeping 50% of the ATM fees and Rundash provides the ATM and maintenance.

Gas Station ATM FAQ

What types of ATMs are best suited for a gas station?

Free-standing ATMs are often the preferred choice for most gas stations because they are space-efficient and can be relocated as needed. In cases where floor space is limited, certain ATM models can be conveniently mounted on countertops to ensure easy access. Additionally, if indoor space is lacking, there are ATM models specifically designed for outdoor placement. To find the most suitable ATM for your location, explore the options available in our inventory.

Where should I strategically place my gas station's ATM?

For optimal placement, seek a location within your gas station that is well-lit, visible, and experiences a steady flow of foot traffic. Ideal spots may include near the cashier's counter or outside by the front entrance. It's crucial to incorporate clear signage that prominently identifies the ATM, making it easily noticeable for your customers. For further guidance on ATM placement, you can refer to our ATM placement tips.

What should I do if my ATM requires maintenance or repairs?

If you are utilizing our ATM placement program or ATM partnership program, where we own the machine, rest assured that we handle all repair and maintenance needs at no cost to you. However, if you own the ATM outright, we offer dependable and cost-effective ATM repair services for your convenience.

How can I venture into the ATM business myself?

Many business owners, impressed by the revenue potential of ATMs, choose to operate multiple machines as a supplementary business endeavor. Rundash Cash ATMs has trained hundreds of ATM operators all over the United States based on our extensive experience in the ATM industry. This covers everything you need to know to initiate and manage your own ATM business. For more information about this course, please visit our website.


Discover More About Gas Station ATMs To gather further information about purchasing or leasing an ATM for your convenience store or gas station or to explore our ATM partnership and placement programs, don't hesitate to contact Rundash Cash ATMs today.


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