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New from Nautilus Hyosung, the Halo II provides the best value of any retail cash dispenser in the industry with added peace-of-mind from enhanced security features at an affordable price. The Halo II offers an improved UL 291 business hours safe with added break-in protection, an EMV card reader, a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and secure communications protection using TLS (Transport Layer Security) transmission encryption.

Hyosung Halo 2 ATM

SKU: 366615376135191
    • 1,000 Note Removable Cassette CDU upgradable to 4K CDU
    • 10.1" Color TFT LCD Screen
    • EMV Card Reader
    • Infrared Touch Function Keys
    • Win CE Operating System
    • 56K Dial-Up & TCP/IP with SSL
    • Electronic Lock
    • NFC (Optional)
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